How Flock Lined Gloves Can Minimise Sweaty Hands & Improve Your Workday

Do you find disposable gloves uncomfortable when worn for extended periods?

Do your hands sweat or is donning and doffing difficult?

If you said yes, you are not alone, and we have a solution for you! Flock-lined nitrile gloves provide an answer to these common frustrations.

First, What Is Flock-Lining?

Flock lining is a layer of fine cotton fibres adhered to the inside of a glove during the manufacturing process. While the gloves are drying, fine cotton flock fibres are blown onto the inner glove surface.

Adhering the flock during the manufacturing process creates a second layer that is bound to the glove and not loosely applied like a powdered glove. This ensures the flock-lining will not stick to your hands or fall out of the glove like powered gloves can do.

The Glove Company's X-Guard Black Nitrile Glove - Zoomed in close up of the two layers. The top layer is labelled 'Strong Industrial Black Nitrile' and the inner layer is labelled 'Sweat Absorbent Cotton Flock'.
X-Guard Unique Dual Layer Close Up

Why Choose A Glove With Flock Lining; The Four Key Benefits

Sweat Management

Enhanced Comfort

Reinforced Durability


Sweat Management & Enhanced Comfort

Flock lining absorbs perspiration and prevents your hands from sweating. The flock lining has a soft, suede-like feel that makes wearing flock-lined gloves incredibly comfortable. You can wear a flock-lined glove for hours and it will feel like you just put it on.  

How do flock-lined gloves compare to powdered gloves? Flock-lined gloves are far superior! Powdered gloves claim to assist in drawing sweat from the hands and provide easy donning and doffing. While the powder absorbs hand moisture it can cause drying, cracking and irritation. The powder also leaves residue on your hands or can mix with your hand sweat creating an unpleasant environment for your hands.

Cotton flock reduces the risk of irritation and dryness and does not leave residue on the hands, leaving your hands sweat-free and genuinely comfortable.

With flock-lined nitrile gloves, you can say goodbye to sweaty hands when working in hot workshop conditions or during Aussie summers!

Reinforced Durability

Regular nitrile gloves have a single layer and offer great durability with high puncture and abrasion resistance. Adding an additional layer of cotton flock to the glove results in a stronger glove with a greater level of resistance to punctures and abrasion.

The flock lining acts as a supporting barrier to the tough nitrile outer layer against hazards and contaminants. Flock-lined nitrile gloves are ideal for tasks that require extra durability, toughness, and resistance such as automotive repairs, construction, industrial jobs and other tough trades.


In addition to flock-lined nitrile gloves being thicker and more durable, the soft, smooth flocking allows your hand to glide in and out of the glove. The convenience of being able to easily doff the glove, complete other tasks, then return to the glove allows users to get more use out of each glove before donning a fresh pair.

While our flock-lined gloves are branded as disposable gloves and should be discarded after use, they could be reused in several sittings provided they have not been contaminated or compromised (ripped, torn, discoloured, etc). Being able to reuse flock-lined gloves minimises glove usage, justifying the investment compared to regular nitrile gloves.

Flock-lined nitrile gloves offer a genuine solution to common concerns of people who wear hand protection. So why settle for less when you can have the best?

Elevate your workday and bid farewell to sweaty hands with X-Guard!

Box image of X-Guard Black Nitrile Gloves - Black coloured gloves

X-Guard prioritises your comfort without sacrificing performance. Whether you are handling chemicals, working with machinery, or engaging in intricate tasks, X-Guard provides a cosy barrier for your hands while they tackle even the toughest of tasks.

Let your hands revel in unparalleled comfort with X-Guard today and experience the difference for yourself.

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