Personal Protective Equipment - PPE

The Importance of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
What is PPE?

PPE stands for Personal Protective Equipment and is equipment or clothing worn by a person to minimise a health and safety risk. PPE’s main purpose is to create a physical barrier between a person at work and any workplace hazards. For example at The Glove Company specialise in hand and glove PPE safety solutions.

Why is it important to use personal protective equipment? 

PPE is extremely important in almost every work environment because it plays a core role in reducing hazards. All workplaces aim to prevent injury and PPE is one of the main preventative steps employers and employees take.  The act of simply putting on a glove has saved millions of lives around the world and everyday continues to do so.

Do employers have to provide personal protective equipment?

Employers have to provide PPE if their workers currently do not own any PPE, and the employer requires them to wear it. PPE is one of the best ways you can protect yourself from everyday hazards.

What types of gloves protect your hands from hazardous chemicals?

Gloves that are made of rubber or a rubber like polymer such as nitrile, butyl, or chloroprene. The Glove Company produces a wide range of safety gloves for all industries, workplaces and jobs.

Importance of finding the right glove for you

When choosing a glove for your workplace it is highly important that you find the correct hand safety protection. Injuries to your hands are the most common workplace injury. Therefore it is vital when choosing and wearing hand protection that the gloves meet not only the correct safety standards, but also allow for optimum efficiency and productivity.

Why PPE is important when working with body fluids and blood

PPE is important when working with body fluids and blood because it is a major contributor to worldwide health. The use of PPE in the form of a simple nitrile or latex glove disposable gloves is one of the best worldwide contributors to health and managing disease control globally.

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