Plumbers, Protect Your Most Valuable Tool – Your Hands

Plumbing gloves are crucial to avoid hand injuries.

Plumbers, your hands are your ultimate asset, the backbone of your trade. Can you imagine performing your daily tasks without your hands?

Your hands are your livelihood, they keep money in your pocket and put food on the table. So why risk a hand injury?

You use tools made to last – make sure your hands can go the distance too.

3 reasons why plumbers must protect their hands with nitrile disposable gloves!

No matter how tough you are.

1. Exposure To Biowaste

Have you noticed when one person gets sick, everyone suddenly complains they are sick too?

Today more than ever, constantly being exposed to the harmful substances in sewage poses significant health risks to you and those around you.

Doing jobs no one else wants to is unavoidable in your trade. Plumbers gloves prevent you from taking work home with you and reduce the likelihood of contracting and sharing illnesses or infections.

2. Chemical Protection

We know you use chemicals daily, from drain cleaners to pipe sealants and nothing has happened so far, right?

These substances can be highly corrosive and may cause severe skin irritation or chemical burns upon contact. But you’ve been using them every day and you’re fine. Many of the substances you use today have long-term health risks you don’t realise about until it’s too late. Don’t make it tomorrow’s problem, make it not a problem.

Shield your hands with chemical resistant gloves to avoid direct exposure and minimise the risk of chemical-related injuries.

Safe Work Australila’s guide to managing chemical risks in the workplace – click here

3. Win Client’s Confidence

Glove donning isn’t just about you – it’s a sign of respect for your clients, reassuring them you value their safety and well-being. In today’s changing culture, plumbers can build trust and confidence simply by wearing nitrile gloves. Show your customers you’re the pro they can count on, every time.

Choose Trade Tested Plumbers Gloves: Built To Last

We hear it plenty. Disposable gloves break too easily, they are too expensive, and so on.

You’ve been using the wrong plumbing gloves. Plain and simple.

At The Glove Company, we specialise in manufacturing nitrile gloves and reusable gloves designed for demanding trade tasks. We’ve spoken to plumbers, mechanics, and even the defence force to formulate tough gloves that do their job immaculately. 

We now have the biggest range of industrial-grade nitrile disposable gloves to fit any industry, any budget, and any need (even sweat absorption).

A good plumber protects their gear – Don’t overlook the importance of hand protection, strong hands ensure you can handle any challenge.

Contact our Glove Experts to put our plumbing gloves to the test.

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